In October 2014, we took in a foster dog that needed a home. He had been living in a rural community in Alberta, and had been on his own for some time. When I brought Simon home he was scared, hungry, and unsure about being around people, being indoors, and having other dogs around him. With time and lots of love, Simon became used to being fed everyday, being warm inside, and having people around who wanted to pay attention to him. Now, Simon is always happy, he is really smart, and very friendly to everyone that he meets. We decided to adopt him recently as he seemed to fit in so well with everyone!

Simon has been a welcome addition to our family, as he has also changed the dynamics in our home. Our once dog-aggressive dog has now accepted Simon into the pack, and they get along great now. Our older girl can now relax as there is another younger dog for the boys to play with. And our somewhat anxious guy is no longer anxious as he has another playmate. It has been a heartwarming experience watching Simon progress from where he was 4 months ago, to where he is now. This is why volunteering with animal rescue is so important to me, as it is an amazing feeling to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.