Couples Counselling For All Types Of Relationships

Whether you are dating, married, living together, or parenting together, there are many issues that can affect a relationship. From small every day concerns to larger problems, couples all struggle at some point in their relationship. This is because each person brings their own unique experiences into the relationship, and no two people ever have the exact same experiences in life.

Many couples find that they argue about the same things over and over, and nothing ever seems to get resolved. This causes frustration and other negative feelings to develop over time, and the bond between two people becomes damaged.

When counselling couples, the focus is on the specific issues of concern. Many times this might be communication, understanding, expressing feelings and fears, increasing the ability to compromise, or planning for the future.

Each couple is different, and bring with them their own goals and wishes for change. As a counselling psychologist, I tailor this work to each couple’s unique needs and concerns. Friendship is the basis of all relationships, and this aspect of the relationship is often lost when stress and conflict are present. Building on the friendship and the reasons that the relationship began are an important part of couples counselling.

Typical couples counselling sessions focus on relationship building, problem solving, discussing differences, and communication exercises. As well, learning how to listen to each other and respond in a healthy vs. unhealthy way is also a key part of couples counselling.

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