Pet Loss Counselling

A pet often becomes a significant aspect of one’s life. Pets show constant and unconditional love, and they are considered a part of the family. Pets accept us, and provide love, companionship, joy, and comfort during difficult times. Since this bond is so strong, this loss can result in intense feelings of grief. These feelings are normal and should lessen with time, but if they persist, counselling can often help.

If there is a serious illness or accident, or a decision about euthanasia must be made, feelings of guilt, uncertainty, confusion, and remorse can occur. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult decision to make, and can be devastating for some. It can also be difficult for others to understand this type of grief, and how intense the emotions can be.

As an animal owner myself, I understand the unique bond that can develop between humans and animals, and how this is not always understood by everyone. I will help to guide you through the grief process and offer you tools to manage the distress that is being experienced. This process can help you to move forward in a safe and caring environment, in a way that fits for you.

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Paws To Rest

Dr. Julie Langeman

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

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