Relationship Counselling

Relationships are built throughout our lives, and on many different levels. Everyone has relationships that can cause concern at times – whether it is with a partner or spouse, family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, or another person. These concerns can cause stress, frustration, and even anger if they are not addressed.

A healthy relationship is one that contributes to the positive feelings about oneself, and enhances life. These types of relationships are based on a sense of balance between both parties. Honesty, respect, trust, empathy, understanding, and communication are some of the core qualities of healthy relationships.

As a Psychologist, counselling people who want to improve their relationships leads me to areas such as assertiveness, boundary development, communication skills, and emotional expression. By recognizing the role that one plays in relationships with others, a person may choose to make changes that can improve the connection as well as increase feelings of self-worth.

The development of healthier relationships can improve how we relate to and understand those with whom we interact on a regular basis.

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