Trauma Counselling

Support For Addressing Fear & Emotions

Help for Trauma

Trauma can occur as a result of many situations that are extremely upsetting and overwhelming to a person. Threats to a person’s physical or psychological self may be equally traumatic. Some examples of potentially traumatic events include sexual assault, physical assault, physical/emotional/verbal or sexual abuse, robbery, disasters, accidents, combat, life-threatening illnesses, betrayal, and bullying. Each experience is individual, and any type of trauma can be upsetting and overwhelming to a person.

Someone who has experienced a trauma may organize their life around repeating patterns of re-experiencing traumatic memories and triggers. When one is traumatized, the familiar ideas about self and the world are disrupted and changed. Some of the common reactions may include anxiety, nervousness, depression, nightmares, dissociation, insomnia, anger, flashbacks, distraction, memory problems, and a lowering of self-esteem. In addition, a person may turn to self-destructive coping mechanisms due to overwhelming emotions and memories.

During the counselling process, I assist clients to address the emotions, thoughts and fears surrounding the trauma. As well, there is a focus on what steps are necessary to move forward. Coping strategies, relaxation training, addressing negative thoughts and beliefs, decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and emotional regulation are some of the areas that I focus on in treatment with clients who have experienced trauma. EMDR is an option for someone who has been through a distressing or traumatic event. I work with all forms of trauma, including PTSD, complex trauma, and dissociative disorders.

Questions on Counselling

How do I know if I need counselling?

Sometimes we need to seek help from a trained professional to work through problems that we are encountering. You may need counselling if:

  • you are feeling overwhelmed, and your problems do not seem to improve despite your best efforts
  • you are having difficulties in your relationships
  • it is difficult to carry out your daily routine, performance at work is affected, relationships are strained, or you are not feeling like you are coping effectively
  • You are using alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or other means that are negatively affecting your life
  • You feel unhappy or hopeless
What can I expect in a first session?

During the first session, paperwork is completed as well as a functional assessment. I will ask about your concerns and what has brought you to therapy. Once all information has been gathered, goals for therapy and a treatment plan can be discussed.

How do I know if it’s the right fit for me?

You should feel comfortable with your psychologist and be able to discuss personal information. It is important to have a good rapport with your psychologist and feel at ease with him/her.

In order to determine if we are a good fit for each other, I offer a free 20 minute consultation.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 60 minutes in length, which includes admin time (i.e. payment, booking next appointments, etc). Longer sessions may be arranged in 15 minute segments.

How many sessions are required?

Therapy is individual to each person and the amount of time required is dependant on several factors. Some of these factors include the nature of the concerns brought to therapy, complexity of the issues, amount of work completed outside of sessions, and motivation to change.

What is the cost?

The Fee Schedule recommended by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta is a guideline for setting fees for services. My fees are set using this schedule as a guideline. You can access this fee schedule on the Psychologists’ Association website at

My fee for individual sessions is $220/hour.

Alberta Health Care does not cover the cost of psychological services. However, I will issue a receipt for fees paid, and if you have an insurance plan, this may be submitted to your insurance company for full or partial re-imbursement.

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