Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

There are some myths out there about what these two terms mean, so here is an explanation of what makes these personality types different.

Extraverts get their energy from being around other people, from being actively involved in activities, and having lots of different things to do. Talking about problems out loud often helps, as does getting feedback from others. These individuals are often described as outgoing, they have lots of friends, like being in groups, and jump into activities quickly.

Introverts prefer doing things alone or with one or two people with whom they are comfortable. Energy is gained from the inner world, by thinking about memories, ideas, and reactions within. Reflection occurs before taking action on things, and ideas are a very significant part of this type of personality. Introverts are often described as reserved, they are comfortable being alone and prefer having just a few friends.

According to Carl Jung and the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory, people have qualities of each and they are often seen on a continuum. One may have a mixture of characteristics from both, but will be higher on one vs. the other.