Many people suffer from social anxiety, which can be very distressing. This form of anxiety occurs when having to interact with other people. Feels of self-consciousness, worries about being judged, or having a negative experience are what cause social anxiety. A person will become very anxious in social situations, and avoid them at all costs. It is believed that millions of people around the world suffer from social anxiety, as it is a very common disorder. There is a fear that when interacting with others, something embarrassing or humiliating will occur.

Significant distress (sometimes including a panic attack) is experienced when being introduced to new people, being the center of attention, performing a task in front of others, being in social situations with strangers, or being criticized. This disorder causes anxiety in most areas of life. People with social anxiety do want to have friends and be engaged socially, however the anxiety prevents them from being able to experience these things.

Although social anxiety can seem insurmountable, it is actually a very treatable condition. With therapy, anxiety and fear in social situations can be reduced to a manageable level. With the proper tools, being around people and interacting with them can be an attainable goal.